Adult orthodontics

Age is no longer an impediment to start an orthodontic treatment. Adults can use orthodontics to correct their teeth and get a perfect smile.

The objectives are:

Eliminate dental crowding and correct dental rotations to improve the health of teeth and gums.
Correctly align the teeth, to achieve a correct dental function and improve the aesthetics of the smile: improve appearance and self-esteem.
Correct skeletal alterations with the help of orthognatic surgery.

“Perio” therapy for adults

This treatment is designed to help daily dental hygiene and teeth preservation.
Many times we will work together with other professionals to rehabilitate the general state of your mouth.

The objectives are:

Improve oral health, to have a healthy mouth throughout life.
Improve the chewing function: close spaces and align the teeth, eliminate premature contacts that overload isolated teeth.
Improve the esthetic of your smile.