Our clinic strives every day to offer the best and most advanced technology in the field of orthodontics. For this we have digital photography and radiology equipment that minimizes exposure to radiation and a computer network with state-of-the-art orthodontic programs that help us in our diagnosis and treatment plan to offer you an individualized service.


They are equipped with Mikrona chairs Swiss technology. It is the only chair in the world designed specifically for orthodontics. It provides the patient comfort, so you can feel relaxed during the placement and adjustment of the devices. The lighting is activated with a system of pedals built into the chair. The design of the box is designed so that the hands of the doctor do not touch the furniture and thus ensure maximum hygiene for patients and to avoid all types of cross infections. The USM file cabinets are made of steel to guarantee disinfection.


Sterilization – Laboratory

All instruments are disinfected and sterilized before being used. The clinic follows the US OSHA standard. For sterilization, disinfection and hygiene of are medical equipment. They are the most demanding hygiene protocolsand procedures in the world. All clinical staff avoid cross-contamination using glasses, masks and gloves during all patient interventions.

Statim Sterilizer, Canadá.
The fastest in the world. 

Thermoforming machine  Biostar, Germany.
The only programmable

Wehmer Trimmer and Spinner, , USA
The only one with double disc.

 Mikrona mixing machine, Switzerland

Digital X-ray Sirona

Being digital, it reduces the dose of X-rays to 1/3. It is a computerized system that allows to create, in real time, several copies of the X-ray and sending them automatically through e-mail. The physical radiography file disappears.
The quality and clarity of digital radiography exceeds the conventional one. The digital X-ray machine is manufactured by the German company Sirona. (Siemens).

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Intraoral scan

We bet once again for high technology using the Mobile True Definition 3M scanner. Is the first portable

intraoral scanner in the world that operates on a tablet, using the smallest camera in the market. Allows us take impressions of your teeth in only 5 minutes, easily and comfortable.

It allows us to: Make digital impressions “3D in movement”, the only system to take video images in the market and :

  1. Maximum precision for the most difficult cases where the error tolerance is minimal.
  2. Less time in the cabinet and fewer visits.
  3. Improvement of the comfort, satisfaction and fidelity of the patient.


Once again we use the latest technology in the market with the Canon 5 D with 24Mpx at maximum speed and precision in the photos with the Canon EFS 60mm ultrasonic lens for the perfect resolution of small dental details and the Canon Macro Flash for the adequate dental coloration. It helps us to obtain the best orthodontic result with clear photos that will help the patient to better understand the treatment process.