Dentofacial Orthopedics

Dra. Marta Serra-Serrat

Patients say

Patients will require an orthopedic treatment when a growth alteration of the jaws that does not allow a correct development .

The objectives are:

  • Modify widter, lengher and height of maxillary growter.
  • Modify growth, when it is altered.
  • Better dental eruption.
  • Decrease or eliminate dental crowding.
  • Correct atypical swallowing or sucking habits.
  • Correct facial asymmetries by modifying maxillary growth.

When should orthodontics be started?

The American, European and Spanish Orthodontic Associations recommend the first visit to the orthodontist before the age of seven. At these early ages, it is very likely that orthodontic or orthopedic treatment will not be necessary, but early detection of skeletal and dental malformations that may interfere with the child’s normal growth will be necessary.

The best time to start orthodontics is usually during adolescence: when the final teeth have erupted and before the craniofacial growth is over. During this period, the natural growth of the jaws is used to align the teeth and guarantees the best results. Treatments are more natural, shorter and with better results for offering greater stability at the end of the treatment.