During the treatment

1. First visit and evaluation

The doctor makes a general exploration of your face and your mouth and advises you on the need or not to perform orthodontics. We will inform you about:

  • When treatment should be started. el tratamiento.
  • Approximate duration of treatment.
  • The devices that will be used.
  • Cost of treatment. You will be given a budget.

2. Record taking

In this phase, we take x-rays to make a skeletal assessment, we make 3D models of the mouth to make an assessment of the dental function and we take photographs to make an aesthetic assessment of the face, profile and smile. All this leads us to elaborate the orthodontic study.

3. Orthodontic study

The doctor performs a thorough study using sophisticated computer programs that serve to issue the diagnosis and treatment plan. The doctor will explain the stages and the treatment process and will show you the devices that will be used to reach the best result: a healthy mouth, a correct masticatory function and a perfect smile.

4. Start of treatment

The doctor places the orthodontic appliances on your teeth. It requires a lot of concentration and patience. It is the longest visit, it lasts about 40 minutes.

5. Maintenance and activation visits

These visits are used to adjust the devices. They are performed every five or seven weeks and last between 10 and 15 minutes.

6. End of treatment

We collect the new dental records. We compare the current records with the initial records, we evaluate the results achieved and show them to you so that you can evaluate and appreciate the changes obtained after the orthodontic treatment.

7. Retention

Finally, you should wear a retainer, a simple and comfortable appliance that keeps teeth in the ideal position. If you do not wear the retainer the teeth may move. Visits are made every six or twelve months and last 10 minutes.