Dr. Serra-Serrat collaborates with the following providers:

It markets innovative high quality orthodontic products. It is a world leader in orthodontic brackets. Ormco applies engineering to orthodontic technology to offer orthodontists maximum satisfaction in the results in the shortest possible time with the minimum number of appointments in consultation and maximum comfort for the patient.

Founded in 1985, Barcelona. National leader in distribution of equipment and high-end materials for orthodontic laboratories.

Invisalign Aling Technology, Inc.
Founded in 1997, Santa Clara, California. Specialists in developing a new generation aesthetic orthodontic product. Aling is one of the largest mass producers of transparent custom-made aligners. It is state-of-the-art technology and more than 100,000 patients have been treated with invisaling, obtaining very satisfactory results.

Incognito, Top-Service Für Lingualtechnik 
Founded in 1997 Bad Essen, Germany. Leading company in lingual orthodontics. Computer-controlled distribution and production of individual lingual brackets and arches.

Demanding in the rigorous process of manufacture, cleaning and disinfection of each of the orthodontic appliances to ensure the prevention of cross-infections.

G&H Orthondontics
Founded in 1970 Indiana, United States. World leader in the distribution and production of high quality orthodontic products. They are distinguished by their excellent materiality and variability in the production of arches, designed specifically for each type of operation and strength levels that are required at each moment of the treatment.

Morillas & Associats 
National leader in graphic design and corporate identity.