Now you can show a beautiful smile with invisible orthodontics.

52% of our patients wear invisible orthodontics with lingual braces Incognito or with Invisalign.

Dr. Marta Serra-Serrat is a certified orthodontist of the Incognito and Invisalign system. Dr. Marta Serra-Serrat will recommend the invisible appliances that best suits your case and your preferences.

Lingual brackets 

Incognito lingual brackets are hidden behind the teeth and are completely invisible.

They do not affect the speech after 2 weeks of placing them. They are made custom in individual basis for each patient to provide maximum effectiveness and comfort  See more

The Incognito lingual system is the invisible alternative for those patients who, due to the complexity of their case, can not be treated with invisalign. Lingual orthodontics allows us to treat all types of dental maloclusion, even the most complex ones.

The average duration of treatment is usually 16 months.

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Transparent aligners  

With transparent aligners nobody will notice that you are wearing orthodontic appliances. They are plastic covers that are placed on your teeth that allow dental movement to its correct position without using brackets nor wires.

Maximum comfort: They must be removed to eat and brush your teeth.

They can only be used in certain cases of orthodontics. The average duration of treatment is usually 18-24 months.

Fixed retention

The stability of the treatment out come is as important as the whole treatment. We must always place fixed lingual retainers.